Introduction to my Blog

Welcome to my site.  This is a place where I'm sharing my experiences.  As the site says, my orientation is gay.  I am also an active Mormon, married to an amazing woman, and a father of a largish family.

I feel very little attachment to the popular uses of terms like gay, homosexual, ssa (same sex attracted), etc.  In fact, I don't prefer to use any of these terms to describe people.  Rather, I use them to describe an orientation.  If my eyes are blue, I wouldn't say "I'm blue."  Similarly, I would say "My orientation is gay," rather than "I'm gay."  However, it doesn't bother me when others use the terms differently.

Please feel free to leave comments, but I do moderate them.  I don't have a problem with comments with which I disagree.  I do have a problem with comments that belittle others or use rude language.  If you want to communicate with me without using the comments, please e-mail me: me1here1now at gmail.

My final disclaimer is that my experiences are mine.  I expressly forbid anyone using my story as a measuring stick for themselves or for anybody else.  If my experiences help someone, that's great.  But I don't expect others to have my same experiences, stumbling blocks, successes, relationships, or anything else.